Who We Are

Bringing Heritage.

BB BY BARONE is a brand of high quality canvas goods that combines function and style, durability, comfort and charm. It is made especially for those with a love of adventure and craftsmanship and inspired by those who choose a simpler way of life. We honor hard work, high quality and dedication in handmade. We take pride in our workmanship, just as you take pride in yours. That’s why our goal is to provide men and women with a brand that adds quality to their everyday experiences.

Our Name: A Legacy.

What’s in our name? For us; everything. Just like an old family name passed down through generations, when we put our name and logo on something we want to create that same feeling. We want it to be something classic, timeless, and something that can be passed down to the next generation.

who we are BY BARONE

Sicilian Born.

This is the truest representation of our brand, as we strive to be a blend of all that is good about the influence of our land. We bring the tradition of our roots, we draw inspiration from the heritage left by our ancestors and from there we design products in true Italian style: versatile, novel, stylish but above all highly functional.

Handmade By Artisans From All Over The World.

Although the inspiration and design of our Sicilian heritage of quality goods is created in our offices in Palermo Italy, we proudly partner with creators and artisans around the world who share our passion and meet standards of excellence and adhere to ethical values.

Why Buy Our Products?

Each product is born from a careful production and design process that guarantees quality. They are carefully designed so that everyone who chooses our products, get their full satisfaction and find in them a product that meets all their needs. All productions are made with high quality raw materials and labour and are proudly made with creators and artisans associated with many places in the world.

Our Story