Born In Sicily Italy.


From a small village in Sicily Italy, where pride in family, handmade and good taste is lived in every corner, we set out to build a brand that inspires embracing adventure, pioneering and hard work. A way to connect the everyday person with their passion for handmade and the outdoors through quality products and classic styles.

BB BY BARONE’S birthplace would play an important role in this story.

As our island is a wealth of personality for its history, for its landscapes and mountains, for its crystal-clear waters, for its gastronomy, for its wines and its people as well as being a paradise that kisses the Mediterranean full of a people loving craftsmanship, our environment served as a constant reminder of the exquisite spirit that existed within us and around us. An inspiration that would come to define the very essence of our brand.

Our name would be built on the foundation of family, of the heritage of our past generations famous throughout the world for their traditions, for their outstanding focus on perfection, on quality and honest workmanship. A return to our heritage through people who believed in its value. We set out to tell the story of that heritage through every product that bears our name.

By barone Story


We made our journey around our entire island in search of the values, traditions and history that inspired our brand and are currently developing our product line. We have found the best materials that can be obtained to manufacture our products, because we know that the best is not too good and that quality is of vital importance. From our offices in the city of Palermo, we passionately study the needs of the people we want to serve, their lifestyle and from there we are inspired to bring them products tailored to their needs and that reflect our traditions and our philosophy.

On Our Horizon.

At BB BY BARONE, we seek to preserve that creative spirit defined by the values of hard work, quality, honesty, pride and character.

While remaining true to this vision, we look ahead to see how we can take those values and further develop our brand and so we aim to achieve high standards of quality by drawing inspiration from our customers and reminding them in each of our products that comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.