“I am blown away by the quality of this carrier. It is well made and heavy. This should be the last carrier you will ever need. I highly recommend this product..”


Whether you have a roaring fireplace or a cozy wood-burning stove, make sure you are always stocked by keeping your wood close by. BY BARONE firewood carrier bag provides comfort and security when transporting your logs. You can decorate your fireplace space by placing it on an elegant wrought iron rack.


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We call this Firewood Carrier Bag “The jewel of wood transport”.

A perfect size; this firewood carrier is 44″ long and 21″ wide and allows you to transport any size of wood, it is one of the largest and most comfortable on the market. Rivet reinforcement that can withstand heavy lifting loads. Constructed of a high quality 20 oz. waxed canvas fabric.

Lifetime design will look great in any home, with a convenient pocket to store your gloves or carrying tools, can be folded for storage and is easy to clean.

Why Waxed Canvas? Everything you need to know.

The 20-ounce waxed canvas takes all the best features of the 16-ounce canvas and then adds some valuable features. The main feature of the waxed canvas is its durability. It is naturally water resistant, breathable and, over time, may even develop a patina (like leather). This bag can withstand any adventure you are presented with. It doesn’t require regular cleaning.

Waxed canvas is vegan and is much more environmentally friendly than most other vegan leather substitutes which use products derived from the petrochemical industry. The production of paraffin wax generates very low-level chemical toxins.

Want to know how to take care for your Firewood Carrier Bag?

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A unique and multipurpose piece, beauty and simplicity.

High quality, open design, big enough to carry a good amount of wood or firewood of any size, lightweight, with padded cotton padding for weight relief; adjustable double-ring strap to secure loads of wood and water-resistant fabric that helps keep the load dry.

Whether indoor or outdoor, it can be carried on any occasion; it can be used as a decorative accessory in your home or cabin, garden, kitchen or anywhere and also for other transportation or storage purposes such as tools, picnic, camping, backpack, children’s toy. Perfect for Christmas gifts or any winter party.


Without a doubt, with the BB BY BARONE Firewood Carrier Bag you will get the best benefits whatever the use you want to give it.

Canvas with high resistance wax; you can place the bag on any rustic floor and sit in front of a campfire near to the fire without worries.

Perfect size; it’s one of the biggest on the market. It is 44″ long x 21″ wide allowing you to load logs of any size and not just small chips.

Two forms of transportation; it allows you to have alternative ways of carrying the bag with shoulders or hand, which helps you withstand long distances.

Double reinforced heavy-duty carrying straps and wide handles with a padded grip; Perfectly reinforced at key points for transporting large pieces of oak.

Double-ring strap; to secure wooden loads and keep them safe.

Water-resistant; even if it’s placed on wet grass or if the rain comes, this fabric helps keep logs dry.

Convenient pocket; for storing gloves or tools.


This heavy-duty tote bag canvas will help you transport the wood safely to the place where you will have your fire avoiding scratches and blows. It’s useful for taking short breaks when the distances are long.


You can use this firewood tote to decorate your home or cabin, the patio, the fireplace or stove thanks to its brown and black colors that can be combined with any style; it looks great on a wrought iron shelf or on a rustic floor holding the woo